Staff & Team Management

Leading by an example of hard work and loyalty.

Like oil in an engine–a smooth operation relies on good relationships, people skills, and teamwork…all coordinated in the same direction.

  • Human Resources Chief of staff, including counseling, direction and coordination
  • Insurance coordination & negotiation (professional, medical, workers compensation)
  • Benefits, time and cost tracking, payroll, entry & exit issues
  • Coordination of multiple inter-woven pension plans, compliance and administration
  • Developed and implemented training delivery methods, increasing productivity by 9%


“From my first day on the job, Scott treated me with a level of respect and trust I was not accustomed to.  He cared about my personal growth and career goals, and consistently challenged me with a diverse range of tasks that built my skill-set as a professional.  Over the two years I worked under his direct supervision, I felt like a crucial member of the team, and was excited to come to work each day for the success of the firm.”
-Aramis Penland, Researcher & Assistant (law firm)


“On bad days I sought out Scott’s personal and professional counsel.  The calm reassurance and sensitive advice smoothed relationships and helped me and the team deal with stress and be successful.  He also helped me formulate a plan to become debt free–and encouraged me in finally accomplishing that goal.”
– Julie Simmons, Secretary (law firm)