Financial Functions

“A penny saved is [worth 1.4] pennies earned [before taxes]”
– Benjamin Franklin [as modified by Scott Atkinson].

It is not how much you earn, but how much you keep that matters.

Business or Personal –Get More Miles for the Money:

  • Full financial processes, planning, budgeting, advisory and reporting compliance
  • CFO, Controller, and Financial Manager
  • Execute owner-determined financial planning and investment directions
  • Implement tax savings strategies, Organize & prepare for tax filings
  • Negotiate contracts, key purchases, debt reduction, refinancing, etc.
  • Sustain banking & investment relationships, transactions and reconciliations
  • Cost reduction & efficiency evaluation and implementation
  • Budgeting (personal & business), contingency planning, bill payment, & deposits
  • Analysis
  • Insurance negotiations and risk management (personal, professional, property); annual reviews
  • Business & Accounting degrees from BYU (Top 3 accounting school)

Sample roles & experience:
CFO & Corporate Business Manager, national law firm
General Manager, property owners group
CFO, multiple startup ventures including equity rounds and sales
Commercial Construction Business Manager, Marriott Hotels & FedEx clients
Principal, private equity group


“Atkinson Management has provided clean tax-ready compilations for multiple high-net worth clients to us for many years.  His attention to detail and organization have made our job easier.  His consideration of tax strategy and resourceful implementation has saved, and made money for his clients.”
-Kent Williams, Founding Partner, Mohler, Nixon & Williams


“As a senior auditor, Scott served clients including Apple, Genentech, Gilead Science and other notable companies from startup to public.  He also took business development roles in our Japanese Business Group and Life Sciences Group.”
– Ernst & Young, Palo Alto & San Jose Offices